Online Fitness Coach For Women

Online personal training is a convenient and affordable substitute for traditional personal training, and it may speed up the process of achieving your fitness and health objectives compared to going it alone. Finding the proper individual to assist you in achieving your objectives may be expensive, time-consuming, and difficult despite its rising popularity.

You may workout on your own schedule, at home or at the gym, and have a professional hold you responsible for your fitness program with virtual personal training. As the owner of Bree Hunter Fitness I have developed the best options when it comes to online fitness coaching especially for women. Keep on reading to learn how I operate as an online fitness coach for women.

How Does an Online Fitness Coach for Women Operate?

The ordinary budget-conscious person may work with a licensed expert over the internet through online personal training, which is a quickly developing method of fitness. What to anticipate from remote fitness coaching for women is as follows:


A preliminary meeting between you and your certified personal trainer is usually the first step in almost any online personal training program. It is possible to have this consultation through the phone, video call, text message, or email.

At this time, you and your trainer will talk about:

  • Your health and fitness goals, this includes wanting to lose weight or gain muscle
  • Your history of fitness and how long you’ve been working out
  • Medical background, including operations and injuries
  • Exercise choices, including where and how you like to work out

As your trainer, I will use this information to come up with a safe and effective exercise program for you. You should take advantage of this appointment to get to know me and see if you feel comfortable with me.

Your Online Workout Program

Following your meeting, I will get to work creating a custom plan for you based on the information we spoke about. Online workout programs can last anywhere from a few weeks to a year, but we will work together adjust as you advance and get better. We’ll create a long term plan that provides you with a healthy lifestyle. You can ask me any questions you may have before starting your exercise regimen.


Once you have the plan, the ball is in your court. You are responsible for carrying out your workout plan. Online personal training exercises often fall into one of three categories:

  • spreadsheet on the internet using YouTube demonstrations
  • High-definition videos in app-based strength training program
  • A real-time video conference with live feedback

It’s crucial to keep track of your exercises while you work out in order to monitor your development and assist your trainer in creating your next schedule, lucky for you this is incredibly easy through my app. Keeping this information will make it easier to identify your strengths and weaknesses based on.

Periodic Check-ins

We will schedule periodic check-ins to track your progress. We can check in via text, email, phone calls, or video calls.

We will talk about your successes, setbacks, and methods to do better. Any questions you may have regarding your exercise routine or nutritional planning or meal plans can be asked now as well. Additionally, we can walk you through any workouts you might be struggling with and I’ll offer suggestions.

Work With The Best Online Fitness Coach

You have the option to become healthy while considering your schedule and spending limit with remote fitness and nutrition coaching. Many of the advantages of a professional personal trainer are yours without the bother of commuting or paying a club’s pricing structure.

If you are searching for the best online fitness coach for women, then I have got you covered. Contact me today to find out more or to book your first consultation session.

Let’s Talk Transformation

Lindsay V

online fitness coach for women

Before my second child I was in the gym daily. I was eating good nutritionally dense food.Then came my second pregnancy. I dropped the weight training and became a cardio queen and gave into cravings (or let’s be honest, I gave into anything that was in front of my face). I had had enough. So I did some homework on trainers and came to the conclusion to work with Bree. Never had I realized how much I was overeating, and that even as an avid gym go’er I was as well. Counting macros has become easy and definitely makes me aware of every single bite I take. Bree’s workouts are hard, frickin hard. Every workout is intense. But as that old Usher song goes “you keep on doing the same old thing, and you expecting change”. And I want that change.

Bree has been inspirational and encouraging everyday. I’ve asked a million questions and she answers back almost instantly. Because of this woman I have confidence back, knowledge I never knew I lacked, and pride in knowing that I’m mentally stronger than I ever thought possible. All of this just 7 weeks in. Who knew?!

Lindsay V