The choice to work with a fitness model trainer has been made. As someone who is planning to enter any type of fitness competition, you know how important it is to work with a trainer. After all, you’re hiring a professional to keep you safe, give you a strategy, and inspire you to go harder than you thought you could in order to achieve your objectives.

Why do you Need a Fitness Model Trainer

A good trainer can assist you in progressing your health and fitness goals further than you thought you could. No matter what level of fitness you perceive yourself to be in, it is a fantastic idea to work with a personal trainer or coach at least once. In reality, the top model trainers frequently are also fitness professionals!

There are many publications online that address almost any questions you could have regarding an exercise, but a trainer is the best person to explain things to you. In addition, some personal trainers utilize fitness apps, provide science based literature, and develop meal plans to help you gain an edge for competition. There’s no questioning that having a personal trainer at your side is a game-changer.

In many cases a trainer has most likely been in a similar situation to you during their own fitness journey. This means they can empathize with you and explain the most effective strategy for achieving your objectives. They are passionate about it; it’s not simply their job!

What to do Before Selecting the Ideal Fitness Model Trainer

What happens once you’ve made the decision to spend money on a fitness model  trainer? Here are a few things to think about while selecting a possible trainer.

Set your goals and timeline

Before ever meeting with your trainer, you should think about your objectives whether you are looking for a strength training program or weight training. Setting objectives is vital, but making sure they are reachable is essential.

Think about your exercise history, age, skill level, available time, and how fast you want to achieve your objective. Specific objectives are ideal for working with good certified personal trainers, especially those that go beyond weight reduction!

In the competition world you should think of your progress as a marathon and not a sprint. You’ll need to build muscle far out from your event and begin to cut or lose weight closer to the event so that you have as much definition as possible.

In many cases the effectiveness of your connection with a personal trainer is paramount to your success on stage. This starts from the very first consultations and depends on your ability to express your goal, especially if it is clear and realistic.

You should consider your capacity for investment while creating goals, both in terms of time and money. It takes both to work with a personal trainer. You want to be as involved in your development as your trainer, after all competing is a big goal and this is an equal partnership and investment into your physique. They are available to assist you with your fitness routines and get you one step closer to living the healthy lifestyle you desire. But if you don’t put in the effort, not even the greatest trainers can help you.

When defining your objective, you should also consider the cost and the number of weeks or months you can commit to. Planning in advance is key, if you’ve built muscle and are only looking to slim down a few weeks of cutting might do it; however, if your objective is to perform a full body recomposition and then compete, your timeline could be six months to a year. Working with the right fitness coach will make training worth while.

Understand how they work with clients

You can tell the difference between a competent personal trainer and a terrific one with a little observation! First start by looking into their previous clients transformations and their testimonies. This is a great way to see first hand results and to get a feel for a trainer’s personality through the lens of their clients. Find out if they provide any additional resources to their clients; do they have science backed blogs, workout tips, or recipes that are accessible for potential clients to read?

Additionally, look into what certifications they have. If you are planning to work with a personal trainer, it is imperative that they are certified by a reputable company, otherwise they could provide advice that causes you to become injured or detracts from any progress you have previously made.

When looking for the finest fitness trainer for you, all of these factors should be taken into account. The key is selecting the trainer who will coach you and keep you motivated throughout your partnership. The majority of trainers will be able to properly train you. The ideal personal trainer will be able to provide you with individualized attention throughout your tenure as their personal training client, have your best interests at heart, and provide strategies and insights that will aid you in your quest towards the stage.

Make a Consultation Request

Many coaches provide a free consultation in which they can discuss clients’ goals, respond to their inquiries, and even conduct a brief training session. It’s best to have a list of questions ready for this time. Take use of this opportunity to gain a sense of their personality, training style, field of expertise, and how well you two will get along. Before you begin the training connection, it can also help; you establish communication and trust.

Consider their gender if it matters.

Although gender matters to some people, it doesn’t matter to everyone. Some people have a preference for their personal trainer, much as some men and women prefer one gender over another for massage therapy. While people of either gender can be equally qualified and you can achieve the same results, it is important that you are as comfortable as possible.

Request references

If you have any doubts about a certain personal trainer, ask to speak with one of their previous or current clients. This will help you get a better sense of the individual. There are many excellent trainers available, but not every trainer is the best fit for each individual and their circumstances.

Clients will be able to explain their experience with a specific trainer and you can then make a decision based on your goals for personal training or the personality traits you’re searching for in a coach.

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When you’re prepared to start your journey to competition, consider working with Bree Hunter. Selecting a personal trainer for fitness models calls for some patience and due diligence. Knowing that the trainer you select is the best fit for you, though, makes the work worthwhile.

You shouldn’t look past Bree Hunter Fitness if you’re seeking for the top fitness model trainer who meets whatever criteria you’ve established for your quest. I am more than qualified to give you the best service because I’ve been in your shoes, I’ve gotten the certification, and I’ve done the work for years. Book a consultation with me today and we’ll reach your goals together.

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fitness model trainer mariangela

My name is Mariangela Avila, I am 19 years old and a second year student at the University of Calgary. Currently, I am representing Alberta in this years Miss Universe Canada pageant, and I would love to compete in the WBFF in July 2012.

Since my early teenage years I have been interested in fitness but have not continuously participated in a sport. I’ve been in and out of the gym ever since I was pretty much aloud to go but had never taken the time to educate myself about training and had not been following a clean diet whatsoever. I got in touch with Bree after seeing Nicci Lee’s transformation. You see I’m all about believing and achieving everything you set your mind to and, in my mind, I’ve always wanted to become “SUPERWOMAN!” I want to have a great career, have my family, friends, boyfriend, etc; happy with me, do other activities that I am passionate about such as serving my community and on top of all those things, I want to have an amazing body!

Ever since I saw Nicci Lee’s transformation and started following other fitness models I knew that that was something I wanted to do, I became curious to see what my body could like if I were to become as fit as those girls so; I finally contacted Bree back in November 2011. I can sum up my experience by saying that she has been the BEST investment I have made for myself. It has been hard getting used to this lifestyle but, at the same time I could not be happier. I still have a long way to go but Bree has been there to answer all my questions, make tweaks to my diet, prepare me for my first bikini photo-shoot, given me tips, recommended supplements as well as saved me from wasting my money on ones I don’t need and, she has also been there for support and motivation. Bree believes in my potential, she has given me wake up calls when I’ve needed them and knows just how far I can push myself. Every time I leave a training session, I leave loving what I’m doing and admiring her more because she has made such a positive permanent impact on my life. I look forward to training with her for a very, very long time and all that the future holds from achieving SUPERWOMAN status!

By the way, if you want to meet a superwoman live, talk to this girl, Bree is always on the run so busy with everything she does yet like she once told me, ” I always have something up my sleeve,” which is exciting because you never know what she will surprise you with next.


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