A fitness challenge is one of best ways to get back into fitness if you’ve been neglecting the gym. I’ve developed a challenge that hits the majority of your muscle groups whether you have access to a gym or you’re working out from home.

Full body workouts make sure that you’re striking the right balance for a well-rounded physique. However, before beginning any regimen, make sure you check in with your doctor and fitness coach. Try my 30-day full-body workout challenge if you are searching for a simple full-body exercise routine that you can complete from home or at the gym.

My 30-day full-body challenge is particularly adaptable because it can be tailored to a variety of fitness levels, whether you are a beginner or more advanced. Complete this challenge with a specific goal in mind; overall weight loss, muscle growth, and fat reduction are all viable options. Above all, keep in mind that a nutrition plan can help you achieve faster and more lasting results. Let’s get you started.

The intense 30-day full-body challenge

The goal of this challenge is to keep you sweating and burning calories so that you may lose weight. Additionally, we have included a number of workouts that can help you gain muscle with or without equipment.

This challenge can be modified to meet you where you’re at. You have the choice between beginner, intermediate, or advanced programming, and all workouts can be modified with progressions or regressions based on your ability.

When you sign up for my 30 day challenge you get more than just a schedule of workouts, I also provide:

  • Full access to the Bree Hunter Fitness App
  • A daily schedule of tasks to complete
  • Nutritional support with hundreds of recipes to choose from
  • Customized macronutrient targets
  • Access to me as your personalized coach
  • And access to a private Facebook group with likeminded participants

Get some rest.

This 30 day plan strategy is challenging, but it’s a great way to jumpstart your fitness goals. Keep in mind that healthy eating and adequate sleep are also crucial to your success. Give your body the nourishment it requires by adhering to the following dietary guidelines, and make an effort to get to bed early every night.

Let’s Talk Transformation

I used to be a very fit active person. Then an odd disaster happened during my son’s birth and I wound up with Postpartum Cardio Myopathy, basically at 20 years old I had heart failure. For the first year I was restricted on food, could barely walk, and needed therapy.

After a year I was cleared to do light workouts, with restricted food intake. Later down the road I was cleared to eat whatever I’d like and workout again as normal. Now it has been almost 4 years and I have no clue where to begin again to work out and eat healthy.

I know for my health and to make sure I live a long life for my son I needed to get back in shape. I was all for it but had no clue where to begin anymore. Even though knowing that becoming healthy could save my life and allow me to go to the park with my son safely, even knowing that I’d have the courage to dress up and walk out of the house to go on a date night with my husband, I couldn’t seem to figure out how to get back into that lifestyle.

My heart rate was resting on medicine at 87 rpm, just talking and putting my son to bed raised it to 120. I was obese at 160lbs. I found Bree on Instagram and LOVED her work. I finally decided to build up my courage and work with her for the 30 Day Transformation Challenge. I had no idea what would happen, or if anything would change, I thought it was worth a try and when she sent me the program I thought hey this looks easy, I used to do these types of workouts every day.

I misjudged the program, because wow it kicked my butt the first week and switching my diet to healthier choices was hard. But after the first week I saw progress, noticeable progress, and I was in shock. It boosted my motivation and I finished strong with a new outlook after completing the 30 days. I never knew that I could change THAT much in such a short period of time.

My family, friends, and husband were shocked seeing the before and after pictures. My eating habits completely changed and I fell back in love with drinking water and making healthier choices. Every time I looked in the mirror I just grinned and felt strong. My husband, who always had to remind me that I was beautiful would just laugh when he kept catching me spinning in circles admiring my new self in the mirror.

We actually dressed up and went out for a date for Valentine ’s Day, in public. My weight dropped 5 lbs, I had more energy, my HR dropped down to 80 bpm, blood pressure improved, on top of my confidence sky rocketed. I would not recommend anyone else for a trainer but Bree. She was amazing and answered any questions I had as well as helping with my motivation. Who knew that online training could actually work? Does not matter your lifestyle, busy-ness, or health issues, if she can help me I know she can help you.

Stay Up to the Challenge with Bree Hunter

I provide a thorough easy to follow workout plan and will use a tried-and-true nutrition guide and exercise regimen to help you do away with body fat and get healthy in only 30 days. Bree will assist you in learning how to have healthy lifestyle choices so that you may lose weight and keep it off permanently. Increase the level of your fitness and wellness.

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Meal Plan With Challenge: