nutritional services

Bree Hunter is a fully certified Sports and Fitness Nutritionist who can create the perfect nutrition plan to help you reach your body recomposition goals, whether it be weight gain, loss, or maintenance.

Her nutrition services include a customized nutrition program with full macronutrient, vitamin, and mineral breakdown. This nutrition program comes with a full meal plan, recipes, and supplement suggestions, as well as tips and tricks to help you learn how to eat healthy in a way that will be sustainable long term.

Sign up today to take advantage of Bree’s nutritional expertise, and get your body on track to a total transformation!

You can choose the one-time meal plan program, or have Bree monitor your progress weekly with the monthly payment option. This monthly payment option also comes with adjustments to the program as needed and includes a new meal plan each month!

Nutrition Program - One-time payment

Nutrition Monthly Monitoring: