Bree Hunter completely transformed her own life and since has transformed thousands of others. 

“I am truly blessed to have the clients I have served over the years.”

Health & Fitness Philosophy

It is no secret that with hard work and dedication anyone can achieve success but so often we all need help along the way. This can be especially true when transforming our bodies because it can also mean we need to transform our thought processes.

“Nourishing your body properly can be looked at as punishment when it actually provides so many rewards. This requires a shift in mindset and I specialize in helping people learn how to change their way of thinking.”

When you think of education, sports, or even the arts, having a coach or teacher plays a significant role in your development. It is no different when it comes to your personal health and fitness.

“I am not always a fan of weight focused personal training. I think it can be a really negative place for my clients when weight is given too much attention. I have seen drastic transformations in people where the scale didn’t budge.”

Having a coach share the knowledge on what to focus on and when can play a critical role in any transformation. 

Pro Career

Bree started competing as a fitness model in 2009. It only took her three shows to turn pro with the WBFF. Bree then went on to compete at the Worlds and placed 7th. 

After a few years, Bree switched federations and relinquished her pro status to compete with the Canadian Body Building Federation. She went on to compete in four shows and took 1st place at the Ben Weider Natural Show within two years of having her first baby girl.

“Competing for me was the most unhealthy I have been. It was after retiring from the fitness industry that I learned that there is so much more to being in shape.”

Bree has a deeply rooted passion for sharing this knowledge and platform to help others make their personal transformations.

Real Life

Bree has two young daughters she adores. Outside of her busy family life, Bree is a proud business owner. She has helped thousands with their own personal transformations all over the globe. Bree was a pioneer in virtual training long before 2020.

When it comes to real life, Bree faces the same challenges most everyone else faces with Health & Fitness. 

“I know firsthand how to help others implement and sustain a lifestyle for success with everything else life throws at us.” 

If you are looking for someone to help close the gap between where you are today and where you want to be, there are thousands that would say connect with Bree!