Postpartum Fitness Trainer

post partum fitness trainer

Are you trying to find the safest and best workouts for postpartum recovery? If you’re searching for the ideal postpartum fitness trainer or you prefer personal training, I can assist you with anything from squats to pelvic floor exercises and even yoga.

To begin with, before beginning any workout regimen, be sure your doctor has given you the okay to start.

What Exercises are Best for Postpartum?

The greatest workouts for new mothers are those that safely and gently improve your pelvic floor and core. Your body underwent some incredible changes to enable you to carry a child within your uterus. So let’s talk about the top low-impact workouts you can do to begin your postpartum fitness journey.

The Kegel Test

One of the best postpartum exercises for strengthening your pelvic floor muscles is the kegel. This workout may be done before becoming pregnant, during pregnancy, and right after giving birth.

Diaphragmatic Breathing

Another excellent activity to learn how to engage your core muscles while you breathe deeply is diaphragmatic breathing. It’s also among the greatest starting exercises for diastasis recti afflicted women.

Posterior Pelvic Tilt Training

Another excellent exercise for engaging your core and pelvic floor muscles simultaneously is the posterior pelvic tilt. The greatest place to conduct this core exercise is on the floor, either laying on your back or leaning against a wall.


You might walk in addition to these core and pelvic floor workouts. Walking is one of the greatest and most underestimated workouts, and I strongly advise it before being pregnant, throughout pregnancy, and just after giving birth.

Allow Bree Hunter to Guide You with the Right Postpartum Fitness Trainer

I assist people who have just given birth to recover, rehabilitate, and confidently resume their sports or everyday obligations. Do not worry if you have any particular needs: For those who have had perineal tearing, core dysfunction, c-section, or other postpartum recovery-related issues that make them feel adrift, I can help.

If you are searching for the best postpartum fitness trainer then look no further.  I am concerned about your health and fitness more than anything else, book an appointment with me today to start the journey back to your pre-baby body.

Let’s Talk Transformation

My Pregnancy Transformation Post Baby

Postpartum Fitness Trainer Bree

My transformation from 38 weeks pregnant to 13 months post baby. During my pregnancy I did a reverse diet which involves slowly adding in carbs and fats each week. To monitor this I tracked my macros with an app on my phone. At the end of my pregnancy I had gained 28lbs and was able to loose all of it within 3 months of giving birth. I set a goal for myself to one day compete again but wasn’t willing to go to the extremes I once had. Flexible dieting, HIIT and weight training gave me the balance and tools to get on stage and place 4th in my class. Setting a goal and reaching it is a very rewarding experience but the hard part is keeping that motivation even after the goal is reached. I know that because I have found a happy medium with nutrition through flexible dieting I am able to have the balance I could never find with a strict meal plan.

Bree Hunter


Postpartum Fitness Trainer Jill

What an incredible transformation!!! Jill came to me 6 months ago post baby looking to get into shape and has she ever reached that goal!! For the last few months we have played around with different macro splits, carb cycling, and now that she has reached her desired body fat percentage, we will start the process of a reverse diet!