When selecting a personal trainer, just understand that a well-qualified personal trainer for women has to possess a unique set of personality traits. Passion and enthusiasm for the fitness training business are qualities to look out for as a consumer when choosing a certified personal trainer. This individual should enjoy physical activity and find enjoyment in educating others about it. What qualities are required?

Qualities to Look For as a Woman Hiring a Personal Trainer

The following qualities are beneficial to look for in your next personal trainer:

The Right Personal Trainer Should Have Abundant Knowledge

The personal trainer you choose should be familiar with how the body moves and works. Human anatomy, kinesiology, exercise physiology, exercise programming, biomechanics, and nutrition should be the foundations. He or she should be able to include information and motivation into a planned workout program. Knowledge is very important and the personal trainer you select should possess enough that it makes your home training sessions informative.

Select a Personal Trainer Who Can Communicate Properly

Not only is knowledge important, being able to communicate those ideas to online personal training clients is even more critical. Selecting a Personal trainer who can communicate with you is very crucial. When directing you toward greater well-being and health, your trainer serves as a compass. In order to give you the most thorough and useful dietary and exercise advice possible, he or she will continually develop new skills. If they cannot thoroughly explain a new topic or idea, or they leave you feeling confused, they might not be the best trainer for you.

Your Trainer Should Show Empathy

The right trainer you choose should understand how challenging it might be to begin a new habit and not engage in criticism. Your personal trainer ought to constantly have compassion and be encouraging so that you can accomplish your goal. Everyone should feel comfortable being themselves throughout their weight loss journey, and your trainer should create a safe environment. A good fitness trainer should respect you and encourage you to discuss your difficulties with them so that they can help you to move forward.

Your Trainer Should Be Trust-Worthy

It goes without saying that your trainer will be more familiar with you than most people are, as a result, your trainer needs to be professional and trustworthy since they spend so much time working with you. Discussions with your female personal trainer can frequently include the exchange of private information about your social life so trust is very important. Your trainer should be able to politely hear your worries and observations while maintaining complete confidentiality.

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I contacted Bree as she had been recommended by a friend who went from never really exercising to a “gym rat” with amazing results and shared my concerns and goals with her. Bree provided a training program I could easily follow when working out on my own and I would work out with her twice a week for a total of 3-4 work outs a week. I would typically do 20-30 mins of cardio per session and weight training focusing on a specific muscle group each time. Working out with Bree kept things fresh every time and allowed me to learn new exercises that I could add into my routine when on my own. It also kept me accountable: I knew I would show up to those two workouts, so squeezing a couple more every week was easier.

Bree also provided me with an easy to follow eating plan, based simply on tracking my macros using a smartphone app and with target macros. For the first few months, my macros were the same as if I just wanted to maintain my weight and we gradually augmented the macros for fats and carbs every other week after that until the last month of the pregnancy. This progressive augmentation helped me meet the increasing nutritional requirements for the baby’s growth while avoiding the common mistake of “eating for two”. I found it difficult at first to meet my protein macro, but once I added a few high-protein foods to my diet, it was pretty easy.

I worked out at least 3 times a week, throughout the entire pregnancy, in fact I was at the gym the day before the birth – I was almost 2 weeks overdue by then, so I was hoping I could squat myself into labour. I am certain that my work in the gym and healthy diet gave me the stamina to go through the labour naturally bringing a healthy little baby girl in the world. I am stretch marks free  (moisturize religiously!) and only put on 27lbs throughout the pregnancy. I already had lost 24lbs within the first 10 days after birth without exercising or changing my diet: breastfeeding requires more or less the same increase in calories from fats and carbs as the last trimester of pregnancy. I am not to be cleared for exercising until 6 weeks postpartum so I might put on a few pounds but losing 5-7pounds and toning the belly area is definitely not a daunting task; the pounds should just melt off easily once I get back in the gym. I am very much looking forward to exercising again as I do miss all the benefits, especially the happy endorphins!

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