I am one of those woman that always takes pride in how I look and in everything I do. I was a faithful gym goer and I work very hard in everything I do. This chapter of change in my life began two years ago, May of 2011, when I made the decision to leave the company I’d been at in the role of Senior Asset Manager for 5+years to a similar role at a new company.

I am now through 10-weeks of training and my new way of eating healthy with her amazing meal plan Bree set for me.

There are no words that can describe the feeling you get with her amazing words of encouragement, her words of how proud she is of you. There isn’t a time that she doesn’t answer text messages, emails and if there’s ever a delay she’s training someone else for their goals and the sweet person she is always apologizes for the delay.

If you or anyone you know who is looking for a personal trainer that wants more than just an amazing workout needs to get in touch with this incredible woman, your life will forever be changed!!