Roxanne’s Pregnancy Transformation

body transformations

I started training with Bree September of last year in preparation for a trip to Mexico. I instantly started to see a difference in my body shape, but most importantly, a difference in how I felt. Although it seems like a lot of work at first, following the workout/nutrition plan provided by Bree and learning to count my macros was a game changer. You think you know what you are putting into your body, until you actually see it on paper!

After the success I had in my trip preparation, I decided to stick with the training once we returned home. And then, a few months later I was so blessed to get the news that I was expecting!

I, like many other first time expecting moms, was totally freaked out about what I could and could not not be doing. Unfortunately a lot of the information is fed to us expecting moms, “you should be stagnant, sit and rest, don’t lift anything”. Which I learned for the most part is untrue.

After sharing with my husband the wonderful news, Bree was the next person to find out! I immediately knew that she could guide me through the appropriate workouts and diet and answer all my millions of questions. Knowing that she had years of experience training and of course being a mom of 2 herself, I was confident that she could steer me through the next 9 months and help me stay on course.

Although some months were tougher than others, I have been able to workout 4-6 days a week my entire pregnancy. Bree was always there to remind me that I was training for the biggest workout of my life!
Each month bree has adjusted my workouts to accommodate my growing baby bump. When I started experiencing a lot of knee pain half way through my pregnancy, my first instinct was that I was going to have to back off on my exercising, but when I mentioned it to Bree, she was able to guide me through stretches to do daily that instantly made the pain go away.

In a few weeks time I’ll be meeting my new little baby. I’m so glad to know that I don’t have any pressure thinking about how am I going to get my “pre-pregnancy” body back. I know that I can take the time my body requires to recover and as soon as I’m ready to go again, Bree will get me where I want to be in no time!