Prenatal Personal Trainer

prenatal personal trainerYou feel better when you exercise! We are aware of this because study after study have demonstrated the countless advantages of exercise in terms of easing aches and pains, elevating and stabilizing our moods, enhancing the efficiency of system functions like the nervous and cardiovascular systems, as well as enhancing self-esteem and general appearance. These are the justifications we keep repeating to our pregnant customers to encourage them to keep up their workouts.

Exercise’s Health Benefits for Pregnant Clients

In order to put the safety of the mother and the unborn child at the center of their training regimens, we as fitness coaches help pregnant clients to continue training throughout their pregnancies by modifying exercises along the way. The mother’s health as well as the unborn child’s health can both benefit from a low to moderate intensity exercise during pregnancy with an outstanding fitness program.

The following are some of the best workouts to recommend to pregnant customers. Always keep in mind how active your client was in the past.

  • Strength training
  • Specialized fitness sessions for expectant mothers
  • Swimming
  • Casual exercise, like using the stairs rather than the elevators.

Get A Professional Prenatal Fitness Trainer Today

Women were advised against working out while expecting because it was harmful to the unborn child, but after much study, the advantages of doing so greatly exceed the risks. Getting pregnancy and post pregnancy exercises from a certified pre and postnatal personal trainer is highly recommended. At Bree Hunter Fitness, I provide the best pregnancy training sessions that are safe and effective.

As a mother I’ve been there and I know how beneficial this can be to your pregnancy experience. I know that health and fitness are important aspects to many peoples lives just like they are to my life. I understand how prenatal fitness is just as important as postnatal fitness. We’ll work towards ensuring a strong core and pelvic floor, preventing diastasis recti, and attaining any other fitness goals.

Get in touch with me today to start your pregnancy personal training sessions to attain wonderful results.

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Prenatal Personal Trainer Rachel

“Ive been working with Bree for over a year and I can’t recommend her highly enough. I signed up with her shortly after finding out I was pregnant. I was following a different program fairly strictly but needed guidance specifically through pregnancy. Bree helped me transition safely through each trimester, making changes as needed both to the workout plan and macros, as my body was changing pretty rapidly. It was reassuring to know that Bree was knowledgeable and experienced and I could just trust her and follow along. After I had my baby, I knew I would stick with her to help me regain fitness. The fact that the diet and exercise plan is totally individualized is great, and I especially appreciate her availability and responsiveness to texts and emails.”

Rachel Felber, MD