personal trainer for moms

Being a mother is challenging. It might take up a lot of mental space to consider everything that is best for your child, leaving you with little time and energy for yourself. Finding certified personal training that understands being a mother and can help you juggle the balance of life and your fitness journey is key.

Here at Bree Hunter Fitness, the years of experience I have, the professional training and education, on top of being a mom of 2 – I can relate to the stresses of finding the balance between yourself and your family.

Custom Mom Programs

My programs are fully customizable to adapt to all women and help them train pre pregnancy, during pregnancy and post pregnancy. At each stage the program is tweaked and updated to correspond with any fitness level.

As you travel though motherhood there are a number of questions/concerns everyone has. As a certified personal trainer for moms and a mother myself, I can help answer any questions that you may have about your entire experience. I take my programs beyond proper lunges and squats and also take into account mental wellness, sleep and energy levels to name a few.

Program Details

As mentioned above each program is designed for women in all stages of pregnancy. If you want to get your body ready for pregnancy, or you want to stay active and train while pregnant, or get back into your active lifestyle post pregnancy, I can help! Keeping active, promoting strong core exercises and pelvic floor exercises along with healthy balanced diets can help you feel like yourself again.

Find the Perfect Personal Trainer for Moms with Bree Hunter

My top priority for all clients is their overall health and fitness. I would be pleased to train and offer support for all women out there though their pre and postpartum phase of their lives. I want to help women feel confident in their abilities and improve their lives.

Contact me today to learn more about the programs available or for a free consultation. Still not sure? Read below to hear a transformation story from a client!

Let’s Talk Transformation

Bree Hunter is an amazing coach and someone who truly cares about her clients. When I started with Bree I was ready to throw in the towel of ever competing again in another fitness competition.

I was frustrated with my body and totally discouraged after having a really bad experience with a coach that was considered to be one of the best in the biz. I was on a crazy restricted diet and doing hours of cardio and weight training plus juggling the everyday life of being a mom and working full time.

My blood sugars started to drop drastically and my body was doing the opposite of what I needed it to do. I decided I needed to seek out someone who was willing to work with me and understood my body.

After a few emails with Bree back and forth, I knew she got it and was the right coach for me. Bree’s program doesn’t make me feel like I am dieting and her programs kick my butt without making me spend the hours in the gym which, as a single mom, I just don’t have.

Within the first week I could already notice changes in my body and by week four everyone around me started noticing. She’s kept encouraging me at times where I struggled and she helped me to get back on track with a healthy lifestyle that’s balanced but not extreme.