online dietician and personal trainer

Working with a nutrition specialist and personal trainer online can help you manage your weight, avoid or treat medical issues, provide you a sense of understanding of your eating habits, help your digestion and make you feel better.

If you’re looking for the best online nutritionist and personal trainer, I can help you set goals stick to them. Continue reading to learn more about my online nutrition and personal trainer services.

Bree Hunter Online Nutrition Specialist and Personal Training Services

My method for online personal fitness training combines four key philosophies: eating properly, exercising wisely, thinking clearly, and living well. Additionally, as a one woman show, I make sure that your dietary, exercise, lifestyle, and mental guidance aligns to provide you with a seamless experience. My, holistic approach sets me apart from other weight loss specialists and keeps clients coming back for more.

Dietary Suggestions

Because of time I’ve spent learning and training, I can offer you individualized dietary advice that helps you reach your goals safely. My education and experience gives me the know-how to design personalized plans that are highly tailored to your needs.

I can transform complicated scientific knowledge into useful advice that is accessible, sustainable, and easy to grasp. I’m not only looking to provide meal plans and provide a list of instructions and healthy eating recipes. I am committed to providing my clients with the information they need to make informed choices about what and how to eat. I can definitely help you lose weight by helping you to develop the right macronutrient targets for your goals, and by providing you with a library of recipes that fit within your macros.

Advantages of an online personal training

You get the best possible exercise assistance when you work with me as your online personal trainer. I put a strong emphasis on strengthening metabolism, increasing lean muscle mass and promoting flexibility when developing personalized training regimens.

I concentrate on creating a plan that is akin to your personal goals. Whether its strength workouts with smaller weights and more repetitions, HIIT, LISS, or low reps with heavier weights, we’ll work together to develop your ideal plan. The advantage of this training is that each session is maximized, and you get a powerful after burn effect for up to 24 hours after each session. I will help you achieve fitness success whether you have a gym membership or want to complete your workouts from home.

To strengthen the mind-body connection, I will also encourage your emotional and mental growth in addition to your physical change. I am highly knowledgeable in functional movement, exercise science, and human anatomy. Because I’m meticulous about accuracy and technique, you always work safely and make the most of your movements.

At Bree Hunter Fitness, I have the tools necessary to evaluate your existing regimen and design fresh plans that will enable you to break through a plateau and achieve amazing results. I also provide support and accountability through one on one meetings as well as Facebook groups full of like minded individuals.

Work with Bree Hunter Fitness

I’m dedicated to assisting you in becoming the most ideal, fit, and healthy version of yourself. I will develop a fully integrated fitness and nutrition plan that is geared to your goals.

Booking a consultation allows me to get a full picture of what you expect to see from me. We’ll will work together through constant contact and have discussions about what works well and what you would like to change about your routine. We’ll develop long term health goals and structure custom meal plans and fitness routines around those goals. I hope to help you achieve the results you’ve always wanted.

Connect with me right now for a consultation if you’re interested in learning more about my health and fitness coaching programs and how I can support you to reach your fitness goals as early as tomorrow. ‍

Let’s Talk Transformation


Online Dietitian and Personal Trainer Ambers 8 Week

I made the decision to seek out a trainer after admitting to myself I wasn’t able to maintain a steady routine on my own. I recalled a member of my gym (Theresa Llewellyn) mentioning Bree was her trainer and how much she loved the workouts each day.

The workouts started at just the right level and we’re easy to fit into my day. The food took some adjusting since I love pasta, but I have found a better balance and interest in learning about what I’m putting in my body now. The program has given me the guidance I was looking for, challenging yet enjoyable workouts, great results right off the bat and meals that give me more energy and nutrients throughout each day. I’m asked daily about my program and trainer and happily take the time to fill people in on how it was exactly what I needed to start reaching my goals and living a better lifestyle.

I started 8 weeks ago at 113 lbs. I am now at 105 lbs! I’m excited for what the next 4 weeks of my program will bring

Thanks, Bree!