Mariangela A.

mariangela a

My name is Mariangela Avila, I am 19 years old and a second year student at the University of Calgary. Currently, I am representing Alberta in this years Miss Universe Canada pageant, and I would love to compete in the WBFF in July 2012.

Since my early teenage years I have been interested in fitness but have not continuously participated in a sport. I’ve been in and out of the gym ever since I was pretty much aloud to go but had never taken the time to educate myself about training and had not been following a clean diet whatsoever. I got in touch with Bree after seeing Nicci Lee’s transformation. You see I’m all about believing and achieving everything you set your mind to and, in my mind, I’ve always wanted to become “SUPERWOMAN!” I want to have a great career, have my family, friends, boyfriend, etc; happy with me, do other activities that I am passionate about such as serving my community and on top of all those things, I want to have an amazing body!

Ever since I saw Nicci Lee’s transformation and started following other fitness models I knew that that was something I wanted to do, I became curious to see what my body could like if I were to become as fit as those girls so; I finally contacted Bree back in November 2011. I can sum up my experience by saying that she has been the BEST investment I have made for myself. It has been hard getting used to this lifestyle but, at the same time I could not be happier. I still have a long way to go but Bree has been there to answer all my questions, make tweaks to my diet, prepare me for my first bikini photo-shoot, given me tips, recommended supplements as well as saved me from wasting my money on ones I don’t need and, she has also been there for support and motivation. Bree believes in my potential, she has given me wake up calls when I’ve needed them and knows just how far I can push myself. Every time I leave a training session, I leave loving what I’m doing and admiring her more because she has made such a positive permanent impact on my life. I look forward to training with her for a very, very long time and all that the future holds from achieving SUPERWOMAN status!

By the way, if you want to meet a superwoman live, talk to this girl, Bree is always on the run so busy with everything she does yet like she once told me, ” I always have something up my sleeve,” which is exciting because you never know what she will surprise you with next.