How to Stay Fit and Healthy When Travelling

It can take some serious dedication to stay fit and healthy all year-round and nothing makes this harder than travelling. In this blog we'll take a look at what you can do to keep up your good habits when on vacation or attending out of town work duties.

Plan on Working Out

If you don't even plan on staying healthy and active during your trip, what hope do you have of actually achieving it? While it's not just the thought that counts, it's certainly an essential part of your success. Research your destination beforehand and find out whether there are any gyms nearby. Even if there isn't an actual gym, look out for alternatives like a swimming pool or, if the weather is nice enough, a nearby pathway to run on. Make sure you bring enough gym gear for your trip otherwise this can be used as an excuse to miss out on workout days!

Bodyweight Workouts Are Key

If you haven't already got to know bodyweight exercises, then you soon will. Simply put, bodyweight exercises are those that do not require the use of free weights and solely rely on your own body weight to provide resistance. If this all sounds too confusing just imagine doing a squat with any extra weights and you've got yourself your first workout! Other great exercises include push-ups, lunges, burpees, and sit-ups, just to name but a few. With a bit of equipment, or just a creative mind, you can incorporate pull ups and dips too.

Keeping a Healthy Mind Is Important Too

It's not just your body that needs extra attention when travelling – you need to look after your mind too. What does this mean? It means getting enough sleep and making sure you relax enough. If you ever find yourself getting too anxious or stressed, make time to unwind and read a book, or even take a bath. Another good way of keeping your mind healthy and avoiding stress is by making a note of things you are thankful for each night. These could be as simple as noting how great it is that you're on vacation, or that you really appreciate being in good health, and although they may sound obvious it can be surprisingly easy to forget the simple positives in your life. By actively focusing on relaxing, taking care of your self and by getting enough sleep, you can be sure that your personal health and fitness stays on track.

Whether you travel for work, pleasure or both, it's important that your health and fitness do not suffer as a result. There are a couple of simple ways you can keep yourself on your toes during out of town trips, even boring work-related ones. From basic measures such as packing enough gym clothes, to putting together a comprehensive bodyweight workout routine, there's no excuse for missing out on another session. In addition to keeping on top of your physical activity, it's equally important to maintain a healthy mind and getting enough sleep and finding time to unwind are key to achieving this.

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