How to Set Goals and Accomplish Them

To set goals is an efficient way to realize your vision of the future. We often envision our time ahead but fail to realize what we think of. Along the way you get distracted by everything life throws at you and you forget all about what you imagined. Until you imagine it again and have nothing to fall back upon.


You have no idea how far you should have progressed towards your desired vision, nor do you have any idea what that idea looks like in reality.


So, what does it look like, when this happens?


Like this: three times a week you hit the gym, you put the work in, you sweat, you get tired and you go home. Two days later you return for another work-out. But then after a couple of weeks, you get demotivated. Your job and family require a lot of time and suddenly and your time in the gym becomes painful.


This is understandable, there is always something that competes with you wanting to stay healthy. So how are you going to solve this? By envisioning a future that you wish to realize and creating goals to help you get there.


What Are Goals Exactly?


As I explained before goals help you realize a future you desire. This could be a promotion at work, a certain amount of bodyweight you would like to see when you step on the scale, or a certain behavior you wish to let go of.


In all these cases, goals will help you make what you imagine become a reality. Thoughts, visions, and imagination don’t apply to the rules of our world. They find their ways around common obstructions just as easy as you forget them. Like the fact that you wish to lose 20lbs of body weight.


You imagine doing it, you understand you need to go to the gym 3x a week and you know you need to eat less processed sugar. And then something normal happens: the next thought comes in.


Let’s break that cycle.


The next time you get a thought like this in your head, pin it there and write it down.


“I want to lose 10lbs of bodyweight”.


Now on to the next step.


How SMART Goals Help to Make Your Goals Real


SMART goal setting is a common technique used to create quality goals. By formulating your goals accordingly, you leave little room for interpretation. This is essential if you want to adhere to the goal in the long term.


SMART stands for:

  • S: Specific.Write your goal down as specific as possible, that way you will know exactly when you achieved it. Also, there will be little room to make excuses.
  • M: Measurable.Use measurable quantities like weight, height, distance or time to make it even easier to see if you reached your goal.
  • A: Achievable.Create goals that you can achieve. This is key to staying motivated along the way.
  • R: Realistic.Don’t let yourself get carried away by what others are achieving. Make goals that are realistic for your situation.
  • T: Time-bound. Set a time or moment at which you wish your goal to become reality.


Let’s use the example from before to apply the SMART goal setting theory: “I want to lose 10lbs of bodyweight.”


To make this goal SMART we must make it even more specific, because just “losing 10lbs of bodyweight” can still be a bit vague. When should this weight be measured, and with what? However, what is good about this goal, is that it is measurable.


Got it? Now, let’s make it SMART.


“In 12 weeks from now I want to reduce my bodyweight by 10lbs (measurable) measured in the morning on the digital scale at home, directly after I wake up. (specific)”


This goal is both realistic and achievable, as it is not uncommon to lose that amount of body weight in 3 months’ time.


The Difference Between Achievement and Process Oriented Goals


The SMART goal above is an achievement-oriented goal. You want to achieve a reduction in body weight. Nevertheless, there is more. Because achievement-oriented goals alone are not enough. You want to combine these with process-oriented goals.


A process-oriented SMART goal would look like this:


“In the next three months, I will go to the gym every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 530 PM, (time-bound) directly after work (specific) for one hour (measurable).”


The process goal above would be perfect to support your achievement-oriented goal.


How Do You Make Sure You Reach Your Goals?


Make them realistic and achievable. That’s the easiest way. Don’t set goals for marathons when you can’t run a 5K yet and don’t get lost in bodybuilding shows if you haven’t ever stuck to a diet longer than a week.


But that’s not all.


Go easy on yourself. The process of setting goals requires time and learning as well. That’s why it’s a good idea if you start with setting short term goals. Start with timeframes of 1 week up to a month. As you repeat this process you will get better at goal setting, and you will understand better what is realistic and achievable for you.


Over time, you can increase the timeframe and the odds. You can increase the timeframe and dream bigger. In any case, once you do this you can break the goals down into sub-goals. This way it is easier to stay on track.


If you want to enter a bodybuilding show in 6 months. Break the goal down into 6 smaller goals of one month where you aim for specific landmarks. Think of a certain bodyweight, fat percentage or a number of calories you eat each day. Get creative and keep trying. Like everything, goal setting and achieving them is a learning process.


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