An Easy Guide to Tackle Your Excuses and Make Exercise a Priority

In our day to day lives it seems that time after time things seem to pop up that inhibit us from doing the things that are important, and exercise is one of those.


“I can’t go to the gym today because I’m super busy.” This is an excuse we have all used once in our lives, if not more. It doesn’t matter how busy you were at work. If you really wanted to go, why didn’t you go?


After you read this blog you know a proven method on how you can figure out the real reason you are not going to the gym. Also, you will know a quick trick to make time and create dedication to keep you on track. Consequently, with this new perspective, the excuses that formed mountains on your way will turn into small pebbles that you easily kick aside.


Why do you make excuses?


Excuses are ever present in our daily lives. Sometimes they make little difference in the way we act, and other times they keep us from reaching our goals. As you go through the day there are plenty of things that can become a reason to not exercise. Here are a couple you might be familiar with:


  • My boss asked me to do this extra assignment today
  • I have to pick my children up from school
  • My husband can’t come home early, so I need to stay with the kids
  • I have a headache from staring at my computer all day


These are all things that really demand your time. No doubt about it.

However, that’s not all there’s to it.

As things go, the way these things affect your decisions is up to you.


How You Can Quickly Use The 5 Whys to Identify the Origin of your Excuse


Before we continue we should have a look at why these problems arise in the first place. Let’s figure that out with the 5 Whys. 

  1. Why can’t I go and exercise today when I need to pick my children up from school?
    1. Because after I pick them up I need to stay with them.
  2. Why can’t I go to the gym today when I need to stay with my children?
    1. Because they are too young to be alone at home.
  3. Why can’t I go to the gym today when my children are too young to be alone at home?
    1. Because I didn’t arrange a babysitter.
  4. Why didn’t I arrange a babysitter?
    1. Because I didn’t think of it until now.
  5. Why didn’t you think of it until now?
    1. Because I never stopped and questioned my actions.


You Asked The 5 Whys, Now You Know the Root Cause of Your Excuse


Interesting right? It turns out you didn’t go to the gym because you never stopped and questioned your own decisions. That’s something else than “I have to pick up my children.”.

If you use the 5 Whys method, you will notice that there is usually something else driving your excuse. Try to apply this method every time you make an excuse. As a result, you will be able to learn from them and use them to fuel your motivation in the future.

Now you know that it is important to question your actions you can return to the third answer in the example above. The response was: “Because I didn’t arrange a babysitter”. So at a second glance, It seems like you didn’t go to the gym because you didn’t prepare accordingly.

And this is exactly the point: “excuses are a consequence of a lack of preparation”.


So How Can You Prepare Yourself, So That Nothing Can Stop You From Exercising?

The easiest way to find time to exercise is to make it a priority. As you prioritize exercise your weekly schedule will turn out a lot different. Let’s use the example of “I have to pick up the kids again”. When you prioritize exercise you could:


  • Arrange a babysitter
  • Ask a friend to take the kids home for an hour
  • Ask your husband to pick the kids up
  • Go to the gym in the morning
  • Figure out if there’s a gym that has a space for kids
  • Exercise at home


The moment you make an excuse it is usually hard to see the options you actually have. So take a moment to sit down and have a look at your schedule. Which hours can you swap around? Which things are reallynecessary, and where are you just filling time? Think of cooking for example, you could easily cook ahead for a couple of days to save time. And by the same token, you could watch tv on a bike ergometer in the gym instead of the couch at home.


Make It Real, Write Down Your Plan

Once you have done that, you can write down when you can go to the gym in a journal. This is a powerful tool to create compliance for your decision. Because when you write something down you have to:

  • Make your thought real
  • Think about how you write it

These simple things make an idea a lot closer to reality.

What is even better though, is the following.

Let’s say you found time after work on Wednesday. If this is the case, don’t tell yourself you are going to the gym on Wednesday. Rather, write down the following on a piece of paper and hang it somewhere you can see it: “On Wednesday directly after I finish work at 5pm I am going to the gym for 45 minutes.”


The 6 Easy Steps That Will Help You Tackle Excuses Summed Up


  1. When you notice you’re making an excuse, ask yourself the 5 whys.
  2. Address the root cause of your excuse
  3. Prioritize exercise
  4. Sit down when you are relaxed and have a thorough look at your weekly schedule
  5. Find time in the day when you can exercise
  6. Write down your plan in this form: On [DAY] at [TIME] I am going to the gym for [AMOUNT OF TIME]. The more specific, the better.


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