Amy Miller`s Client Testimonial

I decided to start training with Bree after struggling to shed the excess baby weight. I was blown away by how comprehensive and personalized the program was. I had initial concerns about how my back would handle the workouts as I suffer from degenerative disc disease. Bree ensured my workouts would strengthen my core and protect my spine. After one week into the program my back pain was minimized. That alone was worth every penny!

I have tried different programs in the past, but I never saw significant results and was left feeling defeated. I also spent a significant amount of time adjusting the workouts in order to protect my back from further injury. As a mom I found it difficult to set aside time for myself to complete my workouts. There was always something more important to do. I am now 6 weeks into this program and I have not missed one workout! Bree helped me change my mindset when it comes to working out and eating healthy. I now approach everyday with no excuses because my health is one of my top priorities. Bree is so helpful with this because she is also sweating in the gym everyday and eating clean. 

I do have to admit that I didn't think that an online fitness program would work for me. I am so happy that Bree proved me wrong. She provides amazing workouts and comprehensive meal plans. When I go to the gym I am no longer relying on an instructor or video to motivate me. I am learning to motivate and push myself to new limits.

I never thought I would be able to return to my pre baby weight, but after 6 weeks Bree has shown me that anything is possible as long as I am dedicated. So far I have lost 9 pounds and 10 inches. I cant wait to see what the next 6 weeks bring!

Thank you, Bree!


Bree Hunter

Bree Hunter is a Calgary fitness model and personal training professional. Since entering the world of fitness modelling, Bree has achieved an extraordinary and unparalleled year-round physique and she is excited to help her clients reach the same levels of success. Bree's drive and determination saw her achieve high levels of success on the. . .

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