Amanda and Meg

Amanda and Meg have been friends since elementary school, there have been times where they drifted apart but they always stayed in touch. Having similar backgrounds has kept them close over the years, and they are closer now than ever! Both Meg and Amanda have struggled with their weight throughout their adult lives, and in January 2012 they decided to take the plunge to achieve the ultimate level of health and fitness by competing in the WBFF Calgary show in July 2012!

They knew they couldn’t do it alone, enlisting the help of WBFF Pro and personal trainer, Bree Lind, was absolutely essential for their success. Bree has provided a diet and exercise program tailored to Meg and Amanda’s individual needs, and to get them in the best shape of their lives! Not only has Bree been an incredible inspiration herself, but she’s taken an avid interest in their success and has been motivational and encouraging every step of the way.

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Nothing tastes as good as fit and healthy feels!

Bree Hunter

Bree Hunter is a Calgary fitness model and personal training professional. Since entering the world of fitness modelling, Bree has achieved an extraordinary and unparalleled year-round physique and she is excited to help her clients reach the same levels of success. Bree's drive and determination saw her achieve high levels of success on the. . .

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