Whether your goal is to lose fat, gain muscle, or some combination of both, I’m here to help you build the right training program to get the ball rolling. I have built a 30 day training program that kickstarts your fitness goals regardless of your fitness levels.

I’ve modified my programming so that it is suitable for beginners, intermediates, and advanced gym goers. So schedule a consultation and let me help you realize your goals.

Losing fat while gaining muscle

You must normally consume more calories than you need to maintain your weight in order to build muscle. This is known as a caloric surplus. Your muscles will need energy in the form of calories to grow if that is your goal. However, a number of hormones are involved when it comes to muscle building, and there are particular methods that can assist you in losing weight and body fat while gaining muscle.

Strength training is essential for reducing body fat while boosting lean muscle mass. If you skip strength training, particularly as you become older, your proportion of fat mass will rise. Strength training boosts your capacity to lose weight, prevents you from gaining weight, and speeds up your metabolism so you burn more calories.

While exercise is important for staying fit and avoiding disease, there is another factor that is more important in the fight against obesity. Your ability to reduce weight and the best course of action will depend on the causes of your weight gain.

Your ability to reduce weight will be influenced by a variety of factors, including genetics, early life experiences, entrenched behaviours, culture, socioeconomic level, and your propensity for self-motivation.

With a vast amount of knowledge surrounding exercise, nutrition and balancing hormones, I can help you step into the fitness world with a well rounded routine.

Nutrition is a Dominant Contributor in Fat Loss

When it comes to fat reduction, nutrition is the key factor. Although it is feasible, it requires a lot of exercise to burn more calories than you ingest. For instance, eating more protein can help you build muscle faster.

You may tone up and lose weight by maintaining a nutritious diet at an appropriate calorie level for your body. When you enroll in my 30 day challenge, I help you develop a tailored nutrition plan for your lifestyle, I set your macronutrient goals and provide you with a library of recipes to help you hit them.

How Does it Work?

When you make the decision to start my 30-day training program, it starts with a consultation, as your personalized coach, we’ll work together to understand your goals and develop the right nutrition and fitness plans to get you where you want to go.

Your work out plan with be based off one of three fitness levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced. We’ll also decide if you’re suiting body weight training or something including weights. You’ll be able to access your program through the Bree Hunter Fitness App along with a daily schedule of tasks to complete.

We’ll develop your customized nutrition plan with your goals in mind. This includes setting your macros to meet your goals; if you’re looking to gain muscle we’ll increase your protein. I’ll also provide you with nutritional support in the form of a recipe library.

Finally, let’s take a look at the community aspect of a challenge like this. Not only do you have access to me as your personalized coach. You’ll also have access to a private Facebook group with like-minded members looking to fulfill their goals. What do I ask from you? 30 days of commitment, lets take things one month at a time.

Get Started Now with Bree Hunter

30 days is enough to start your fitness journey. My 30 day training program will help you achieve your goals by providing you with easy to follow workout routines and toolkit for consistency. If you’re ready to partake in this 30 day training program, connect with me and schedule an appointment.