30 Day Body Transformation Men

30 day body transformation men

30 Day Body Transformation Men

Jump-start challenges lasting a month frequently provide a foolproof route to a new life with healthy new behaviours in 30 days. Challenges might be linked to a variety of healthy habits, productivity routines, or other easy lifestyle adjustments. But do they actually work?

Both yes and no, is the answer. Although the challenge by itself might not provide the desired effects, such as six-pack abs, performing a new activity every day might help you form healthier habits.

The Art of Change

Making the decision to change, starting the new action, and doing it frequently are only a few of the processes involved in forming new, healthy habits or breaking harmful ones.

Developing new, wholesome behaviours requires time. A 30-day challenge can help get things started, but it might not be sufficient to bring about long-term change.

Benefits of a 30 day Challenge

You can probably find a 30-day challenge for whatever habit you’d like to adopt, whether it’s related to food, exercise, skincare, meditation, gratitude, or anything else. There are two main categories of 30-day challenges: those that provide something new to try each day and those that establish and strengthen new habits over the course of the month. Both strategies may work well to begin a fresh, beneficial habit.

A 30-day challenge doesn’t ensure that a new behaviour will become ingrained in you because it takes 66 days on average to form a new habit. Following through on a 30-day challenge provides three key advantages:

  • It gives you the push you might require to begin making a difference.
  • Once begun, the daily repetition gives the change more impetus to be implemented continuously.
  • Achieving minor victories along the way might inspire you to keep going.

A Challenge to Take on

Make sure a challenge is appropriate for your objectives and lifestyle before committing to it. I have worked hard to develop 30 day fitness challenges that meet you where you are at; whether that is through beginner, intermediate, or advanced fitness programming. I also provide support services that ensure you put your best foot forward when completing the challenge. This includes:

  • Full access to the Bree Hunter Fitness App
  • A schedule of daily tasks to complete
  • Nutritional support including customized macros and hundreds of recipes
  • My personal coaching throughout the program
  • Access to a network of likeminded individuals

Let’s Talk Transformation

Miles Miller

The transformation I have seen with Bree`s program in only 5 short weeks is unbelievable.  The physical changes are one thing but it goes beyond that. I struggle with Crohn’s Disease and have tried many different workout programs in the past (Crossfit, P90X, Triathlon Training), these programs worked to a point however they all caused my disease to flare up.  Those programs, mainly crossfit, caused me to feel absolutely depleted after the workouts and I felt like I needed 3-4 days to recover.  In the end, I needed to quit training as I abused my body so much that my health deteriorated and I needed to focus on getting the flare ups under control and back into remission.

Bree`s program is not like that, don’t get me wrong the strength training workouts are intense and the cardio is hard, however, after I am done I feel invigorated and I don’t feel like I need 3-4 rest days to recover. My health has improved as well, my disease is still under control, I am sleeping better which has been something that I have struggled with severely over the last 10 years.  For the first time in a long time I wake up feeling rested and ready to hit the gym before work.  I actually wake up early on the weekends without an alarm clock, normally I used to sleep in on the weekends as I was trying to catch up on rest that I wasn’t getting during the week.   I have more energy throughout the day and don’t feel sluggish at work.

The nutrition plan is amazing.  I’d call it a diet but I’m eating more food than I used to while losing weight and putting on muscle.  I have tried different diet plans in the past (Paleo, Primal, etc) and those did work however I still had massive sugar cravings.  With the nutrition plan that I am on I feel satisfied, I don’t over eat but I don’t under eat either.   I still have some cravings like anyone, however they are much easier to control now.   The diet honestly isn’t much different than what I was eating previously, when I would actually stick to it; but it is much more simple.  I think that is a huge benefit as there is no guessing in what I eat everyday and I am learning to treat food as fuel and not as a source of enjoyment.

Again, I can’t thank you enough and I am looking forward to see where I will be after these 12 weeks and beyond.



My client Upkar. When he came to me 8 weeks ago he was experiencing changes many men can go through as they age including decreased testosterone levels, unwanted weight gain around the abdomen, and difficultly gaining lean muscle mass. Although he was making good nutritional choices he was under eating, and had plateaued from his weight training sessions. I incorporated meals that had a higher caloric intake, and nutrient timing to maximize his training sessions. I completely revamped his workouts to ensure he was training out side his comfort zone. He is up 5 lbs of muscle in 8 weeks, he looks 10 years younger, is happier and healthier then ever!!!

Experience with a Body Transformation with Bree Hunter’s 30 day Challenge

A 30-day challenge can be a successful method for forming new behaviours. Make sure the challenge you choose is in line with your objectives and establish reasonable goals for success.

30-day challenges might encourage an all-or-nothing mindset in certain people, which can set them up for failure. It’s crucial to keep in mind that if you skip a day or deviate from the challenge, you may pick up where you left off again or decide to start again on Day 1 for a new beginning.

If you want the type of 30 day challenge that can help you in building muscle with rest periods and body fat reduction workout routine then working with me should be your first option.

Let’s get started on taking your fitness to the next level, contact me today for more information.


Our Customer Reviews

I had been following Bree on her social media for some time, and I finally felt like I was in a good space to approach her to start a program. I have had some pretty serious back issues for the past four years, so I have had some reluctance starting something new. I am on my 5th week of a 12-week program, and am absolutely loving it. I have already seen some great results, and I am very excited to say I have had no back pain. This girl definitely knows what she is doing! I have loved all of the workouts. There haven't been any that are too difficult for me or too easy. I can for sure see myself working with Bree for a very long time! Bree has also given me some great information with respect to nutrition and supplements.

Michelle Getzinger Feb 2, 2023

I have known Bree for about 10 years and her level of knowledge, experience and understanding is above and beyond. She takes pride in what she does and preaches. Very supportive throughout her coaching and putting you on a personal program based on on you and your needs. Keep up the amazing work and lifestyle.

Prab Thiara Feb 2, 2023

Bree is the most understanding and caring coach. I’ve been her client on and off since 2015. She’s seen me through many different series in life and many different goals. I used to have a ton of food intolerances too and she was always more than willing to work around them to make my meal plans enjoyable. I recommend her to anyone and everyone looking for a coach to help them reach their goals. Love you Bree! ❤️

Erin Keegan Feb 2, 2023

I have come across Bree's social media page a few different times and have always heard great things about her programs and finally decided to get on a program with her after having 4 pregnancies in 4 years I needed a BIG push to find the me time and a new gym program that challenged me. I was BLOWN away with my 30 day program, it wasn't more than an hour and wow; I have never been so challenged in my gym program. Loving working with her and I can't wait to start my next program in the new year.

Ashley Kilback Dec 12, 2022

I've been training with Bree since 2017. She is very professional, thorough, and friendly to work with! After starting my training/nutrition program with her and continuing to follow my program, I noticed a significant change in my body composition, while experiencing less fatigue, more strength, and increased self-confidence in my health and fitness. Bree is outstanding and I definitely recommended her!!!

Kia Lagodontis Dec 12, 2022

Working with Bree has completely changed my life. I knew I needed to make a change for myself but had no idea where to start. With her extensive knowledge, training and support I have been able to put the work in to see serious results. Her personalized workout plans make it easy to stick with and stay consistent! I’ve worked with her for the last year and she continues to teach me and challenge me in the best possible way. She is worth every penny!

Kelly Humphreys Dec 12, 2022

Bree was very knowledgeable and encouraging after my spinal fusion surgery. She wrote me a program to help ease me back into weightlifting and strengthen my core! She truly is a gem! Thanks Bree ✌️

Jacqueline Linke Nov 11, 2022

I have been working with Bree since 2017. She creates the most amazing workouts tailored to my abilities and skill level. I am given a strength training regime, including cardio days, as well. I have stuck with this program because it is challenging, varied and because, as a 57 year old, I feel strong, confident and I know it’s because of Bree’s program. She is inspiring, supportive and very knowledgeable! Thanks for helping feel incredible! ❤️

Janet Wood Nov 11, 2022

I’ve been training with Bree for several years. Her programs are challenging but attainable! She’s super approachable and takes the time to understand your goals. Bree is knowledgeable in nutrition and exercise. She personally practices what she teaches she goes far beyond ‘book knowledge’. She always makes time to talk you through an exercise or any concerns. Bree Hunter is 💯. I definitely recommend.

Jessica Skiftun Nov 11, 2022

I have worked with Bree for nearly 7 years now and she has been so helpful in keep me balanced. When I found her I was burnt out on strict meal plans , tons of fasted cardio , 5 day a week workouts , way too little carbs and fats and way too much protein from previous trainers. I wanted flexibility , more balance , less workouts , less counting every vegetable but still wanted to stay lean , be able to challenge my metabolism and Increase food intake and flexible workouts. Someone that worked with me and my lifestyle and needs and not make me fits into a strict patterns that eventually led to imbalance and burnout. Bree has been amazing and I feel like having a trainer makes life so easy, my workouts are simple and adjusted to my lifestyle. I have flexibility in food choices and macros . And I am even able to challenge my metabolism at the age of 45 and give my body more calories when my body needs it without excess weight gain. Having flexible macros has allowed me to maintain healthy physique without food restrictions and find the balance I need . Which make life less stressful . I think health is an absolute investment and I love the science behind keeping my body balanced . Bree has been an absolute investment in my health and wellness for years and I wouldn’t have it any other way . Michelle M

Michelle McBride Nov 11, 2022

“ Bree’s 30 day challenge was just what I needed to get back into a routine of working out and being more conscious of my diet. Her app and program are very user friendly and convenient, which keep me on track. I love being able to get my workouts done at home or on the go. The app also has great recipes and meal plans. She is always quick to respond to any questions you may have. What a difference a month has made. I feel so much stronger, confident in myself and like I am well on my way to a healthier me. Thanks Bree! “

Kk Hupps Nov 11, 2022

Bree’s program is a game changer! In less than two months working with Bree I am in the best shape of my life- even after having three kids! I am amazed at the changes my body has gone through in such a short amount of time. I’m leaner, more muscular and am able to push myself to new levels of fitness I never thought possible. Her workouts are dynamic, effective, challenging yet fun, and she makes sure they fit into your daily life and schedule. She’s taught me so much about nutrition and given me tools that I will continue to use for the rest of my life. On top of all that, Bree is very professional, patient and an immensely compassionate and kind person. So much more than a fitness instructor and nutrition coach, she is a friend who’s always there for you, your biggest cheerleader and support system. She has changed my life for the better and I highly recommend her!

Kirby Duyns Nov 11, 2022

Absolutely amazing workouts!! I started the 30 day challenge and am now on my 7th month!!! Its so fabulous, the workouts are always changing and challenging me!! I love to work out and this is definitely my new favorite!! The workouts are around 30 minutes each yet you get double the workout you would get at the gym and you get to do it from home!! The recipes are delicious with tones of choices and they make enough for the whole family!! I would recommend the 30 day challenge to everyone!!! Its so great!! Thanks Bree!!!

Crystal Davis Nov 11, 2022

I’ve had a great experience with Bree. After gyms shut down in 2020 I transitioned go home gym workouts. With Bree’s program I know what I’m doing each morning (even when I hate the workouts I need to do). Accountability is the only way to effective and lasting progress. We’re a year and a half in and value the access and programs each week!

Josiah Olson Nov 11, 2022

What a great program to get you back on track. The workouts are challenging, just the push you need to reach your goals. I’ve done number of different workout programs, and this is by far the best option if you want your results that last. Thanks Bree!

Chelsea Hughes Nov 11, 2022

It is crazy to believe that in two short weeks of working with Bree, I have gone from a person who did not have a dialed in routine with working out, eating consistently/mindfully, and with anxiety of working out around other people that was always holding me back & creating excuses. The confidence Bree has inspired in me comes from having someone completely down to earth, someone relatable, passionate, and truly nurturing in her approach to build strong and confident clients. She “walks the walk” along side her clients 💜 Her meal plan was easy to follow & after the first week of counting macros - I was able to grasp the balance of eating healthy, balanced & consistently (as she said I would) — she even creates the grocery list so I don’t have to fumble around, or have access waste. - nothing the money I have saved since less waste is amazing (especially during these crazy times of inflation) ⁃ the confidence I have when entering and leaving the gym is so motivating now. Seeing the results, feeling the results & getting excited for my workouts the night before - makes working out fun! ⁃ The food has been delicious. Bree was able to accommodate and take into consideration my pre-existing health conditions & my individual needs. ⁃ I am so stoked to see what goals I crush next in & out of the gym with Bree Hunter as my coach/trainer 💜

L J Nov 11, 2022

Bree will be your biggest advocate, supporter and asset as you journey through your personalized fitness and diet goals. I joined her program Jan 2022 for a 30 day challenge and kept going from there. The workouts are effective, the food and body stat tracking keeps you accountable but more importantly Bree truly cares. She goes above and beyond to help you reach your goals, meeting you where you are at. She’s a beauty on the outside but also on the inside. 5 stars and highly recommend joining her platform.

Debbie M Nov 11, 2022

This is the second time I've worked with Bree, the first was a few years ago when I was pregnant and through the post-partum period. It was a given that I'd hire her again when I got pregnant again nearly a year ago. She creates a totally individualized diet and exercise plan, makes adjustments as needed based on frequent evaluations, and is often available in real time by chat to discuss questions or issues that come up. For all this, the cost is surprisingly reasonable. I highly recommend!

Rachel Felber Nov 11, 2022

Hiring Bree was one of the best decisions I've made. I had previously tried everything on the market, videos, weight-loss programs, etc.I always thought that I exercised enough and ate right but learning from Bree taught me the right way to fuel my body and workout in a way that helped me reach my goals. Bree was my last fitness/nutrition program because 7 years later I'm still working with her!

Laurie Elliott Nov 11, 2022
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