12 Week Weight Loss Transformation

week weight loss transformation

12 Week Weight Loss Transformation

A comprehensive, worldwide approach to your health and wellness allows for a safe, gradual advancement. This gets right to the core of your behaviours and goes beyond the workout. I will get to know you and what inspires and motivates you then I’ll tailor this into your plan. You will notice observable, encouraging improvements in your body and your life in just 12 weeks.

Who Should Take Part in this Plan?

Whether you need to lose 5 pounds or 50 pounds, this program is precisely tailored to your needs. The best period for launching a more significant fitness shift is 12 weeks. Are you prepared to adjust your metabolism totally by making wise, practical, and very effective changes? Are you prepared to release the excess baggage you’ve carried? Are you at a position in your life where you are prepared to seek out professional assistance and get it in a welcoming environment? Then, it’s time to begin.

At Bree Hunter Fitness, I consider your bio-individuality when developing a long term workout plan for weight training and burning more calories without sending your body into flight or fight mode. I provide each customer with a unique strategy that produces long-lasting results. This prepares the body for weight loss that is sustained and the consequence of consuming more healthy meals and engaging in exercises suited to your fitness level and metabolism.

What Happens During the 12 Week Transformation?

It’s like having a lifestyle coach, a nutritional expert, and a personal trainer all in one.

We begin by getting to know each other. Really. Your routine, your habits, your diet plan and exercise, what inspires you, and what has previously hampered your health. Included in this 12 week Transformation are the following:

Included are:

  • In our initial meeting, we’ll gain a thorough understanding of your present fitness level. We’ll measure your starting point so we can monitor your advancement.
  • After that, we’ll set you up with a nutrition plan catered to your individual requirements and objectives. Examples of meals, daily to-do lists, and grocery lists are included.
  • You’ll also get a tailored fitness plan that rotates every 4 weeks to adjust to your increase in strength, flexibility, and overall fitness ability
  • To ensure that you never feel constrained, I will assist you in making long-lasting, sustainable adjustments and in becoming ready for challenging social situations. Because of this, the program is effective in the long run.
  • You’ll connect with me for weekly check-ins. This accountability, which becomes a part of your 12-week routine, is essential for altering behaviours.

A workout routine that works

I wholeheartedly mean it. You will collaborate with me one-on-one for the next twelve weeks. I hold you accountable, keep you dedicated, and inspire you to keep focused. We cover everything together so you don’t feel lost along the way. You will be successful if you want to. We’ll ensure that you have successful training sessions that leave you tired but invigorated.. That is the elegance of how I operate.

When your stress levels, cortisol levels, and other hormones are out of balance, what you truly need is a more moderate, thoughtful approach to rev up your metabolism. Other times, you need to accelerate and crush it. A misconception is that “no pain, no gain.” The most effective workout may occasionally be a light one.

Knowing what your body needs and giving you the best tools are the keys to success. The most effective workout may occasionally be a light one.

Results and Correlation Ahead!

You’ll receive:

  • Paying close attention to your unique physiological and lifestyle requirements
  • Weekly updates to hold you responsible
  • Personal information to track your development
  • Recipes and shopping lists that make weekly supermarket shopping easier
  • Personal training that is clever, efficient, and tailored
  • Exercise at home since you occasionally can’t make it to the gym
  • Daily checklists can help you stay organized and focused

What Can You Anticipate?

First of all, don’t mistake metamorphosis with pain; it’s not an easy process. The body responds more quickly to subtle, gradual changes.

Amazing Results in Just 12 Weeks with Bree Hunter

If you’re looking for a place to start your health journey that will also give you results, a 12 week plan is right for you. Even though no two people lose fat at the same rate, I can ensure you that 12 weeks will show you meaningful results. During your consultation, we’ll talk about you individual goals and how we can work towards making that happen.

Because I offer individualized workout plans, specialized nutrition plans, limitless accountability, and support, I can ensure that you’ll see results. Your 12 Weeks will pass quickly but will provide the ideal amount of time to create healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

At Bree Hunter Hunter Fitness, I provide a practical, wise plan to help you live the healthiest, most vibrant life imaginable, and it can begin as soon as you’re ready. We all know it’s challenging losing weight, especially if your weight has previously seen large fluctuations, but you can manage this!

I provide exceptional detail-oriented service that covers many aspects of your health. I take into account all factors when it comes to your health, from what exercises work best for your body type to how to fuel your body for optimal workouts. I also keep in mind how your weight is influenced by your hormones, dietary sensitivities, and individual chemistry. A comprehensive understanding of the body is essential if we’re going to improve your life’s balance, wellbeing, and longevity.

Begin Your Weight Loss Journey With Me Today!

By the end of your 12-week transformation, you’ll have acquired useful skills that will help you navigate your fat loss journey and maintain a healthy weight for the rest of your life. Schedule your consultation with me to find out how we’ll make this happen.

Let’s Talk Transformation


12 Week weight loss tranformation Ashley


I started my journey back in 2012 when i got heart failure. I was unable to walk more than 2 steps before having to sit, i could barely stand for 1 minute. I lost all my muscle, gained a lot of weight, and got really down. I kept trying to jump right back into working out and overdoing it and stopping. I had NO idea where to start anymore I had fallen so far out of shape and a normal routine. After trying numerous online training programs I found Bree who helped me start small and slow and actually see results, all while working around my heart problem. At the beginning I could only do 10 crunches and 5 pushups. I used 8lb weights which completely exhausted me. I couldn’t run,  and 15 minutes of walking exhausted me. By the end of the 12 weeks I can now do 40 pushups, 60 crunches, my weights have increased all over from 10-35lbs for certain muscles. Everytime I went to go do another workout and had to add weight I was shocked and so happy. I have more energy, I’m eating correctly, I can’t wait to workout again, and I’m feeling stronger than I’ve felt in 4 years! Bree I can confidently say is the ONLY online trainer that I feel ever really gets the job done at the right pace and with daily results you can see and feel!



12 Week weight loss tranformation Anna

I’ve been training with Bree for just over 12 weeks, and my experience with her program has been nothing short of amazing!! I lost 15 pounds and dropped from a size 8 to a size 4!! I met my goal for this phase, yay! I love that her workouts and nutrition plan are realistic for me longer term. No crash dieting, no dieting pills. I’m beyond ecstatic for the next part of my training journey. Bree will start to incorporate reverse dieting into my plan to help me build more muscle. I’m looking forward to seeing the results!



12 Week weight loss transformation Jill

The last 8 weeks with Bree have been fantastic! As per usual, she is very quick with responses and her answers are always straight to the point and informative. I feel more educated and informed about diet and nutrition and the workouts have been challenging and easy to follow. I have been going at this for 8 weeks and I feel stronger and healthier with every passing day! Thanks Bree for everything and looking forward to the next phase!



12 Week weight loss transformation Elise

Elise is seriously a superstar. She is the perfect client to use as an example to others when I talk about someone who gives 100% of themselves, she always has a smile on their face, and works very hard to achieve her goals. As you can see she has made significant improvements in the last 3 months and she only continues to get better. Watch out for her in February 2016 when she completes one of her bucket list goals and steps on stage in her first fitness competition.


12 Week weight loss tranformation Amber

I happily signed on for another 12 week program with Bree. This time I was looking to gain more muscle all over and work on my core. She put me on a ‘reverse diet’ to gradually add more carbs and fats to my meals. I was happy to see that doing this hasn’t caused me to put on any unnecessary weight. The food selection makes it easy to have a variety of meal choices each day and be full after each meal. The workouts have left me feeling stronger and more energized on a daily basis. My back and shoulders are noticeably more toned and my glutes are much more ‘perky’. I’m excited to push my body to the next level with Bree’s guidance!



My one year review, with Bree Hunter:

I started my journey with Bree by signing up for her 12 week program; I quickly saw amazing results – dropping weight and inches immediately. At the end of 12 weeks there was no question as to whether to continue, I knew I HAD to keep this going because I had never been this successful in any health/fitness regime I had ever done before.

Fast forward one year, many pounds and inches lost; I decided to celebrate all these accomplishments with a photoshoot in Mexico. After talking it over with Bree she made me feel very confident that I could do this photoshoot and got me going on preparing to look my absolute best for the shoot! Although I was nervous and unsure of what “prep” would look like, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy Bree made it, with direction and support all along the way. We only had 4 weeks to prep, but as I was packing for my trip, sifting through all my summer clothes…finding out that NOTHING fit because it was all too big! (even stuff I had already altered previously) I could not believe the progress I had made and how proud of myself I was! I have always worked out and tried to eat healthy, but I could just never get really good results, I figured I was just built a certain way and that wouldn’t change. I was wrong! I just needed the right coach to guide me to where I wanted to go.

Hiring Bree was definitely one of my best decisions, I am beyond ecstatic with where she has brought me, and even more excited for where she will continue to take me!