The Importance of Workout Nutrition

Are you maximizing the most out of your workouts with nutritional supplementation? The biggest mistake most people make is not consuming proper nutrition around their training sessions. After a workout there is a 24 hour period in which your muscles are producing energy, recovering and growing. This is where proper nutrition takes an important role. The goal is to replenish muscle glycogen, and trigger muscle protein synthesis. Consuming a protein, carb drink during your workout has a number of benefits. First it prevents depletion of muscle glycogen stores, which enables you to train harder for longer periods of time, and second it helps maintain blood glucose levels, which in turn delays fatigue. Have you ever had the feeling of low blood sugar during a workout? It sucks, big time!!! After an intense workout is complete you enter the the 45 min anabolic window, where if you are consuming the proper nutrients, you can maximize insulin sensitivity, repair damaged muscle protein and replenish glycogen stores, this window does not close immediately, it teeters off over a 2-hour period, but to reap the benefits, consuming proper supplementation during the peak time is optimal. Most people do not experience hunger right away, so a great combination is a protein carb drink mixed with high-glycemic carbohydrates, and whey protein, which both are quickly absorbed and digested into the blood stream. Whey protein contains all 9 essential amino acids, and has a high concentration of BCAAs which makes it an excellent choice. The most ideal high glycemic post exercise carb sources include sucrose, maltodextrin, and dextrose. These specific sources are rapidly absorbed and produce a strong insulin response. Complex carbohydrate sources on the other hand are absorbed at a much slower rate, making them far less desirable. Remember you want quick, fast acting nutrients to replenish muscle glycogen (fuel), and to trigger muscle protein synthesis, which in turn creates hypertrophy, and makes your muscles grow. 


Bree Hunter

Bree Hunter is a Calgary fitness model and personal training professional. Since entering the world of fitness modelling, Bree has achieved an extraordinary and unparalleled year-round physique and she is excited to help her clients reach the same levels of success. Bree's drive and determination saw her achieve high levels of success on the. . .

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